About Us

Orlando Paver Pro is the leading installer of brick pavers in Central Florida.  We are dedicated to setting ourselves apart from the rest of the contractor class by providing a professional approach to your brick paver needs.  Our product offering ranges from manufacturer direct material sales, turn key installation options for builders and contractors, full circle sales and installation for homeowners, and commercial installs.  We have done work throughout Central Florida and have gone as far as Palm Springs, California for an installation!  A common inquiry that we receive from our web customers is for out of state service.  We can provide these consumers with the product, installation instructions, and, if feasible, actual installation services.

The products we offer are concrete brick pavers.  This product is the upscale standard throughout Florida and is quickly becoming the standard for patios, driveways, and pool decks out of state as well.  Please browse our picture database to identify your preferred color and shape.  In an effort to maintain our unique niche, we do not sell or install any other products outside of concrete brick pavers.

Give us a call or drop us an email to discover the multitude of design options we offer and how you can make a lifestyle investment in your current property.

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