Driveway Paving

Driveway paving materials are typically consist of three options: asphalt, concrete, or pavers. These options could be reasonably ranked as good, better, and best when durability and aesthetics are concerned. Both asphalt and concrete will crack in the first couple of years after they have been installed. Pavers on the other hand will not. In fact, our pavers come with a 25 year warranty against the four letter word we avoid at all costs "cracking." The worst thing that can happen to a paver surface is for the base material to fail and cause a rut or pothole. The good news is that a repair for this sort of issue typically takes less than 30 minutes and new paver material isn't needed becuase the existing product hasn't broken, it has simply sunk. Once the base is repaired, the driveway looks as good as new. The same cannot be said about concrete and asphalt. Have you ever seen a homeowner who has repaired their driveway with a crack filler product. Not only does this cause those cracks to stand out more, but the filler material lasts about 6 months before it also cracks. The driveway seen in these pictures is in Longwood, Florida. The product we used is the New England 3 piece combo, in a Cream Orange Pewter color from Flagstone Pavers. The pattern is a running bond.

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