One Inch Pavers

Thin pavers are versatile products that are typically installed over concrete. In this installation, we used thin pavers around a new pool over top of compacted base material. The reason we used thin pavers as opposed to thick pavers for this application is due to the fact that the homeowner fell in love with this exact product which is only produced in a thin paver thickness. The base material we used here was compacted concrete fines which are finely recycled concrete. We use the same base material underneath thick pavers for vehicular applications. Since this was a new pool deck installation, we were able to pitch and slope the pavers properly to the new deck drains we installed. We installed a tan deck-o-drain in order to match the surrounding pavers. The paver shape we used is called Boca Grande which consists of 9"x9" and 9"x12" pavers. They are always installed in a running bond pattern. The color chosen was the always popular Island Palm. The bullnose coping was a solid 1/4 Buff which accented the brown tones in the pavers. A troweled concrete edge restraint was installed around the perimeter of the pool deck in order to retain the pavers and base material. This pool deck is in Winter Park, FL.

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island palm pavers
thin pavers

running bond pattern
boca grande pavers

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