New Pool Deck Construction

So, now that you’ve decided to build a pool, installing pavers for the deck material is a wise investment that will last a lifetime, but how do you get them installed?

First, you should notify your pool builder that you want us to provide them with pricing to see if pavers are within the budget. A lot of pool builders will try sell clients on the idea of installing the pavers for them as opposed to using a paver contractor, however, very few of them are ICPI certified, licensed paver contractors. Plus, would you let your plumber install the electricity in your home? I don’t think so!

Once the builder has agreed to solicit an estimate from us, he will need to provide us with the drawings for your deck. We will take the appropriate measurements and supply a price to either you or your pool builder, depending on the agreement. Next, we’ll walk you through the color and shape selection process for the pavers and the coping. We install concrete pavers, brick pavers and travertine pavers for new pool decks, so your design options are quite expansive. Once the pavers are delivered it is time to get the install going.

Most pool builders will form, plumb, pipe, and install the interior tile around the pool before we start. The first thing we do is install the coping around the perimeter. Next, we will “water jet” the dirt around the pool shell. When your pool builder back fills dirt around the pool, small air pockets are created, especially around the curvature of the pool shell. Before we lay our base material, we take a hose and a long PVC pipe and shoot water into the dirt around the pool in order to collapse these air pockets. I have seen holes over five feet in depth form around a newly constructed pool when this very important step had been skipped. Next, we spread our base material to a thickness of four inches. Most pool builders will back fill the dirt to an elevation low enough so that additional excavation is not necessary. Once the base is compacted and pitched for proper water runoff, it is time for the pavers.

The pavers will be installed in the pattern of your choosing and we will ensure that the proper elevations and slopes are maintained to direct water away from your house and the pool. If deck drains are to be installed, we do that before the base is spread and compacted. Joint sand is then washed over the pavers and you have a new deck that will last a lifetime. There’s no need to worry about cracking!

Once the paver deck has been installed, your pool builder will return to apply the interior surface material to the inside of the pool. Next all of the electricity and pumps are hooked up and the water is added. Your pool is now ready for enjoyment!

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