Commercial Pool Pavers

Pavers can transform your apartment complex's or hotel's pool deck from an eye sore to an attraction. We are the most experienced Central Florida commercial pool paver installer. We have installed more than 100,000 square feet of thin pavers on top of hotel and and apartment pool decks alone. This deck is about 8,000 square feet in size. We installed pavers from C&D Thin Pavers and Coping on top of a small bed of sand over the exisiting cool deck surface. We replaced all of the drains, installed long nose remodel coping around the pool and spa, and we installed new depth marker tiles on top of the coping stones to meet local code. The color blend is called P-448 and the shape of the pavers is Boca which consists of 6"x9" and 6"x6" pavers. The coping is a solid cream color to accent the yellow tones inherent in the P-448 color mix. In one of the pictures, to the left of the drain, you'll notice that the pavers are darker than those to the right of the drain. This is simply because those to the left of the drain are wet, however, this is the effect paver sealer would have on the pavers. Sealer darkens the pavers to bring out the true vibrancy and variation of the color blends. This pool deck is located in Orange County Florida.

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thick pool pavers
apian combo pavers

amaretto color pavers
oldcastle coastal pavers

pool coping and pavers

Like what you see here? Pavers will dress up your pool deck more than any other decking option. If you'd like to get quick, ballpark idea as to the cost, click here to use our pricing tool. If you'd like to meet with one of our sales professionals, click here to fill out our estimate request form.

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