Color: Oyster White Buff

Shape: 4x8 Brick

The thin pavers shown here were from C&D Thin Pavers and Coping, now called Outdoor Living Centers. This oyster white buff color is a light, neutral color. It is perfect paver color for pool decks and patios because it will stay cool during the hot summer months. To see the full pallet of thin paver color options offered by Outdoor Living Centers Pavers, click here.

6 by 6 and 6 by 9 inch pavers in a oyster white buff color blend, also known as a white, tan, and cream color blend

Like what you see here? Pavers will dress up your pool deck more than any other decking option. If you'd like to get quick, ballpark idea as to the cost, click here to use our pricing tool. If you'd like to meet with one of our sales professionals, click here to fill out our estimate request form.

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