Paver Pool Deck Remodel

So you have a pool deck that is cracked, peeling, and fading. You can paint it. You can install costly tile on top of it. Or you can lay thin pavers on top it. If pavers are your choice, and we hope they are, LCJ Brick Pavers are the experts.

The first step of remodeling the deck is choosing the color, shape, and design of the pavers. It is also important to consider the coping at this juncture. Coping is the bullnosed paver that is installed around the perimeter of the pool. Once the aesthetic choices have been made it’s time to talk about the install.

Coping pavers are the first to be installed. They are actually adhered to the existing pool deck with portland cement or thinset. This will ensure a stable edge for entering the pool and also act as the interior frame or fixed edge for the field pavers. Most coping pavers are three to four inches in thickness. Around radius curves and corners, the coping pavers must be cut in order to maintain consistent joints between each piece. A common sign of an unprofessional coping install is wider grout joint at one end of a coping piece and a drastically smaller joint at the other end of the paver. A level must be used to ensure that the coping is being set at a consistent height. The existing concrete deck undoubtedly is uneven and when the coping is set without ensuring a consistent level, this unevenness is very evident. The next factor to ensure a nice, finished product is making sure that the nose of each piece of coping is set in a consistent, straight line. It is easy to set the coping pavers with a slight recess or protrusion relative the adjoining paver, therefore, it is essential to ensure the noses are consistent. Once the coping has been set, the cement must dry overnight. The next morning it is time to grout the coping using a sanded grout. It is important to clean the pavers extremely well as they are porous and have a tendency to absorb the grout. If this residue is left on the coping, a white haze will form and need to be cleaned.

Now that we have the coping completely installed around the pool, it is time for the pavers!

Like what you see here? Pavers will dress up your pool deck more than any other decking option. If you'd like to get quick, ballpark idea as to the cost, click here to use our pricing tool. If you'd like to meet with one of our sales professionals, click here to fill out our estimate request form.

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