Orlando Pool Pavers

This was a thin paver pool deck remodel. The client wanted a neutral color paver that would stay cool during the hot Florida summers. We ultimately chose Oyster White Buff as the paver color in two different shapes. The dimensions of the pavers are 6"x6" and 6"x9". They are installed in a random "T" pattern. This is a very popular choice by homeowners for pool deck pavers. The client's deck included a covered lanai with a thin 1" deck drain separating the pool portion of the patio and the covered area. As part of the remodel, we replaced this drain with a new one and raised the new drain up so it was even with the new 1" thin pavers. The homeowner also wanted to add a new patio outside of his screen enclosure that he could put a fire pit on and some lounge chairs. In order to accomodate this request, we execavated a simple square area of grass from his yard and then we compacted base material to act as the foundation of the new patio. Finally, we installed the same one inch thin pavers over top of this base material and secured the border by troweling a concrete edge restraint around the perimeter of the new patio. This method of installation is exactly how traditional thick pavers are installed, but since our new patio needed to match the adjacent pool deck and it would never have to stand up to vehicular traffic, using thin pavers on top of base material is just as good of a solution and will last just as long as a thick paver patio. Thankfully, the ground in Florida does not experience the seasonal upheaval due to freezing and thawing. If this project was located in a more northerly location, this method of installation would not work. This pool deck is located in Melbourne, FL.

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thick pool pavers
apian combo pavers

amaretto color pavers
oldcastle coastal pavers

pool coping and pavers

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