Remodel Pool Pavers

The classic look of 4"x8" brick pavers will improve your pool patio more so than any other decking option on the market. Thin pavers set over top of your existing pool deck in a traditional herringbone pattern not only enhances your home's value but provides a durable solution that will be fashionable forever. All of the pavers used to remodel this pool deck are from C&D Thin Pavers and Coping and come with a 20 year warranty against cracking. The paver color is Sandstone Buff and the remodel coping color is a solid 1/4 Buff. When we remodel existing pool decks we set all of the pavers on top of a small bed of sand. The remodel bull-nose coping that surrounds the edge of the pool is set in cement and every piece is grouted. It is important that each piece of coping which is set around a curve or corner in the deck is cut properly in order to maintain even grout lines. A common question we receive is why don't we cement all of the pavers to the existing deck and then put grout in between the bricks in the field? The answer is that concrete brick pavers are designed to be installed using an interlocking system which involves a floating field on top of a bed of sand with the perimeter pavers being adhered to the deck and sand washed in between the joints. This floating method ensures that the pavers will not crack when the underlying surface does and it makes any necessary repairs a breeze. Clay brick pavers, on the other hand, are traditionally installed using the grouting method and are adhered to the existing surface. This pool deck is located in Windermere, FL.

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thick pool pavers
apian combo pavers

amaretto color pavers
oldcastle coastal pavers

Like what you see here? Pavers will dress up your pool deck more than any other decking option. If you'd like to get quick, ballpark idea as to the cost, click here to use our pricing tool. If you'd like to meet with one of our sales professionals, click here to fill out our estimate request form.

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