Thin Pavers for Pool Decks

Thin brick pavers are the ideal solution for remodeling an existing pool deck. They are installed on top of a small layer of sand which helps to keep the pavers from cracking when the deck beneath settles. The edge of the pool is typically lined with a bullnose coping stone to provide a smooth and safe edge. Since this pool is a remodel, the coping is a remodel style coping which means it is produced specifically to refurbish the edge of an existing pool deck. The coping is cemented to the deck beneath and grouted. A quality coping job will have consistent grout joint widths which requires cutting every edge of each coping stone around curves and corners. This is demonstrated well with the picture below of the coping surrounding the hot tub. The pavers used on this deck are from Oldcastle Coastal. The shape is Apian Combo and the color is Abacoa.

click on the images for a larger view

Like what you see here? Pavers will dress up your pool deck more than any other decking option. If you'd like to get quick, ballpark idea as to the cost, click here to use our pricing tool. If you'd like to meet with one of our sales professionals, click here to fill out our estimate request form.

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