The Orlando Paver Pro warranty is for one year.  It covers any service needed from the job completion date.  Any broken pavers will be covered by warranty from the manufacturer.  The repair, installation of, or service to the paved area performed by Park Avenue Pavers is free of charge for one year.  Any further service costs will the responsibility of the homeowner, contractor, property manager, or contracted party.

The following warranty information is related solely to the structural integrity of the brick pavers.  The verbage used is per the manufacturer of our thin paver products:

C&D?s warranty covers its thin pavers and coping against manufacturing defects for a period of twenty years, excluding driveways.  On driveway applications, C&D?s warranty covers its 4x8 Brick and Boca shaped thin pavers against manufacturing defects for a period of ten years.  All other shapes are not subject to warrantee on driveway applications.  This warranty covers structural integrity only, not colors, as color may fade due to weather conditions. 

C&D?s obligation is limited to supplying new material to replace the defective material at no charge.  Installation costs remain the responsibility of the buyer.

This warranty does not cover improper installation, the use of incorrect setting materials, damage caused by abuse, or damage from incorrect sealing techniques.  Efflorescence is also not covered by this warranty. 

Excessive pressure washing will damage pavers and is not covered by this warranty.  C&D reserves the right to determine if excessive pressure washing has occurred. 

This warranty is not transferable.

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