Thin Pool Pavers

A traditional herringbone pattern with 4"x8" pavers will add class and distinction to your pool deck. This look will never be out of style and with the right color pavers, it can provide year's of maintenance free enjoyment. This pool is surrounded by Island Palm color thin, 1 inch pavers from C&D Thin Pavers and Coping. The shape used here is a 4x8 brick paver. We installed long, remodel coping around the pool and spa in a solid white color to accent the lighter colors in the field and to provide a clearly defined pool edge. This pool deck had an edge which protruded from the deck, over the pool water called a cantilever edge. The long nose remodel coping we installed is perfect for covering this popular type of deck edging without having to deal with the mess of removing it. All of the coping was cemented to the existing surface with grout installed between each piece. The pavers are on a very thin bed of sand with more sand being washed into the joints. Since most thin pavers are at least 1 inch in thickness, you don't ever need to see the sand between joints. It's only purpose is to ensure that the pavers don't move or shift and a half inch to three quarters of an inch of sand in each joint is a sufficient amount. This pool deck is located in Winter Park, FL.

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thin pool pavers
island palm pavers

90 degree herringbone
remodel coping

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